Dubai is one of the sought after cities in the world presently. It is a very fascinating destination with lots of beautiful places to visit like the iconic building of Burj Khalifa and lots of things you can do while on a business trip or holiday. You are here because you have been dreaming about visiting this wonderful city of gold, now is the time for you to Book your ticket if you already have your visa.
This is a step to step guide on how to apply for a Dubai visa in Nigeria in order to avoid unnecessary problems and mistakes you would make in applying for a Dubai visa. Before applying, you need to know your visa type, which is the type of visa that suits the purpose of you traveling to Dubai.


Transit Visa 4 working days 48 hours
Service Visa 4 working days 14 days
Tourist Visa 4 working days 30 days
Visit Visa 4 workings days 90 days


This type of visa is mainly for stopovers and business meetings and valid for 30 days after issue and can only be used for 48 hours.


This is the type of visa meant for people who have a job to attend to in the UAE. it allows a member of your family to go with you and lasts for 14 days only.


This is a 30 days visa meant for people who have good professions and have a convincing evidence of there profession. you would need a letter from your employee to tender at the visa embassy when applying for this visa, this shows that you have strong ties here in your country and would not abscond. If you are a business person you can show the company certificate of registration and tax.


This type of visa allows you stay in Dubai for a period of 3 months and it’s non extendable. you would need a Letter of invitation from your host ,with the information of your host, address, signature and date with a copy of their Passport information page or Residence Permit.


The following are the requirements needed to get a Dubai visa in Nigeria.

A valid Nigerian international passport and must be valid for the next 6 months

Your filled visa application form

A photocopy of your id-cards and passports

 A proof of health insurance

A bank statement of 6 months, signed and sealed to show you have enough money to cater for your needs while in Dubai

 A proof of residence, it can be a hotel or your host place. In a situation whereby you are staying in a hotel, you will submit a hotel reservation form.

 A proof of your itinerary shows the date of arrival and departure as well as flight details



Transit visa 48 hours 3,700
Service visa 14 days 33,000
Tourist visa 30 days 33,000
Visit Visa 90 days 68,000


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