Accra is the capital of Ghana, the largest city, in landscape and buildings it stands out among other cities in Ghana. It is a top-class city with beautiful infrastructure, stable economy and stunning tourist attractions that will leave you captivated.

Journey with us in this beautiful city as we show you some of the best beautiful places you can visit while in Accra.



Accra and all of Ghana respects this one man that led the country to a peaceful reconciliation with its colonists. This beautiful museum was named after him in great honor of his fight for independence and placed in the heart of Accra. It is one of the iconic places you can visit to learn more about the histories of Ghana great forefathers and heroes. Do believe that your trip to Accra is incomplete without a visit to this museum.



This stunning independence theater was built to celebrate the country’s greatest day in history- the Independence Day. This building represents the suffering and pain of the Ghanaians during the time of the colony, the eternal flame was first lit in 1961 and still burns till date.



This structure was built in 1990 and serves as an avenue where local talents are showcased and developed. You can visit this fascinating theater and watch local men and women with astonishing skills and arts, relax and get entertained.



This town is one of the greatest fish harbors in Africa and dated back to the 17th century as a perfect historic treasure of Accra. Foreigners also come to pitch their business in this wonderful city due to its great economy.


This market is not as modern as you may think but it holds much of the city’s history. You would find African local delicacy, African attires, shoes, and headgears. Lots of tourists get to visit this market because they see a piece of the country’s culture being showcased and it’s very interesting working around. Visit this market if you want to go back home with a piece of Ghana.


This place is a great tourist attraction site which holds a history of an American civil right activist and a great writer that fought for the rights of blacks. It is a historical monument and a library that depicts the rights of blacks, there is a lot to learn when you visit this fascinating tourist site and you can also get to visit the house which the writer lived during his stay in Accra.



This beach is one of the best beaches in Accra, natural with white sands, very good security and well-planned environment. You can visit this beach on days you want to relax and enjoy the wonderful work of nature either with your family or friends.


Accra is a very beautiful city and it is full of historic sites which you can visit and learn so much about the great city. Tick this on your trip list and you would have us to thank for that.


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Betty Adeniyi


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